About us!

The head office of Phytonutrient Canada is located in Saguenay.

Le Fjord du SaguenayPhytonutrient Canada is located in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, Quebec, Canada.  A large part of the Canadian wild blueberry grows in this north-eastern region of Canada.  The abundance of this natural resource has brought universities and private and public research centers in the area to undertake very extensive scientific studies on the medicinal potency of the wild blueberry and other Nordic berries as cranberry macrocarpon.

Phytonutrient  Canada (PC) develops and markets natural health products approved by Health Canada which are mainly made from boreal forest plant species, in particular the wild blueberry (vaccinium angustifolium / lowbush blueberry) and the canadian cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon).

images (62)PC was born from an association between university researchers, known for their work on natural drug effectiveness against cancer, and business people from the natural health product industry.  This first partnership and collaboration with the LASEVE laboratory of the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, internationally recognized for its research on natural anti-cancer agents, has made it possible for Phytonutrient Canada to acquire extraordinary scientific knowledge on the forest plant species of the Canadian North. This association has led to the development of a truly innovative products as the PC Urinary Formula.

Phytonutrient Canada is currently a world leader in this particular natural antioxidant niche.

Scientific Accuracy

Scientific accuracy is the basis of all Phytonutrient Canada activities. PC has a Scientific Committee.  All the scientific information that we publish has been verified and endorsed by the Scientific Committee. Furthermore, as our products are approved by Health Canada, PC has to comply with very strict regulations regarding their production and promotion.


Bottles of PC Urinary FormulaCurrent Phytonutrient Canada products and those in its R&D programs are fully in line with current health and socio-economic trends.  They target the various chronic diseases humans have to face, particularly from the age of forty onwards.  The life expectancy in developed countries has increased constantly and age-related diseases are on the rise.  More and more, scientists are looking to natural products to delay or even cure these types of diseases, and the wild blueberry is especially recognized for preventing, delaying, and even curing several of them.  Indeed, the world scientific community recognizes that wild blueberries and other Nordic berries like cranberry, contribute to good health and even have strong curative potential for many disorders and major chronic diseases related to aging, including: cognitive and macular degeneration, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cholesterol, and even obesity.

Phyto-antioxydants in cranberry may prevent cystitis, UTI.  Blueberry anthocyanidins may prevent cancer, Parkinson, heart deseases and many other sickness.



laboratoire femme microscopeFor product development, Phytonutrient Canada partners with universities and private research centers globally recognized for their work on the wild northern plant species.  The University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, University of Montreal, Entreprises Michal Sasseville, Nutra Canada and MNK research are examples of present and past partners.

Phytonutrient Canada ranks among the world’s frontrunners in terms of knowledge pertaining to the medicinal potency of northern wild berries, and particularly the wild blueberry and cranberry.


 Government Regulation – Health Canada

health-canada-logo1Canadian Government regulation is at the heart of Phytonutrient Canada’s activities.  In 2004, the Canadian Government required Health Canada to amend its regulations on the natural health products industry to make it one of the strictest and most stringent in the world. The industry was given five years to comply with the new rules.  The new regulation took full effect in January 2011. Now, in order to introduce a product in a specialized natural health store or a drugstore, the product must necessarily have a Health Canada commercial licence, Phytonutrient Canada has complied with the new regulation and holds such a licence for its Phytonutrient Urinary Formula. The acceptance process having become far more rigid in Canada, developers must now scientifically demonstrate the efficacy and safety of their products on humans.  With this new regulation, the development process of natural health products is nearly as demanding as that of prescription drugs.


All our products are made under Health Canada regulation which is one of the strictest in the world