Looking to protect against recurrent cystitis, recurrent urinary tract infections, uti? The phytoantioxidants, mainly the proanthocyanidins/proanthocyanins contained in the 100% pure and natural cranberry extracts found in our BMC  Urinary Formula makes the best choice.

Looking to protect  against cancer, Alzheimer, diabetes, Parkinson and cardiovascular diseases?  The phytoantioxidants mainly the anthocyanins/anthocyanidins contained in the 100% pure and natural wild blueberry extracts found in our BMC Antioxidant Formula can really help.

Boreal Medicinal Canada (BMC) develops and markets natural health products approved by Health Canada that contain natural phytoantioxidants mainly from plant species of the boreal forest, especially the wild blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium / low bush blueberry) and Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon / Canadian cranberry). Our products are 100% natural and are presented in liquid form. They also taste good. The phytoantioxidants are natural antioxidants that come from plants. They are sometimes called phytochemicals.

The current Boreal Medicinal Canada products and those projected in our research and development programs fit perfectly into the current major socio-economic trends. They are mainly targeting different degenerations that humans are particularly facing from their forty years old. Life expectancy in developed countries is constantly increasing and the age-related diseases are increasing. More and more we turn to natural products to delay or even cure these types of diseases. Wild blueberries and cranberries are especially known to preventdelay or even cure some of them.

Indeed, the global scientific community recognizes to the Wild Blueberry, the Cranberry and certain other small northern fruits, some preventive benefits and even a strong curative potential for several major chronic diseases and disorders linked to: cognitive disorder such Parkinson and Alzheimer, cancercardiovascular diseasesdiabetescholesterolvisionmacular degeneration and even obesity. Some berries as the cranberry macrocarpon have, in addition to their antioxidant capabilities, certain specific medicinal properties including the interaction on the urinary system to lower the risk of recurrent urinary tract infections / cystitis. In addition, consumption of cranberry products may lower the risk of periodontics.

Boreal Medicinal Canada is currently a world leader in terms of using the medicinal capacity of small northern fruits to improve our health in general. A first partnership with LASEVE Laboratory of the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC), internationally recognized for its research on the anticancer agents found in plants and other partnerships that have followed such as the one with Dr. Pierre Haddad of the University of Montreal, had brought to BMC an extraordinary and privileged scientific knowledge on berries and other plants of the Canadian northern boreal forest. BMC has always strictly followed the vision of its surrounding scientists that has developed its products. The scientific rigidity is the basis of all activities of Boreal Medicinal Canada. BMC has a scientific committee and all the scientific information published on this site has been reviewed by the committee and received its approval. Moreover, as our products are approved by Health Canada, BMC meets very strict rules in terms of the promotion of its products.

We believe that BMC products are really the best that can be found on the market. Nevertheless, they have their limitations. For example, our BMC Antioxidant Formula does not cure cancer no more than our BMC Urinary Formula treats a urinary tract infection. They help to get protected against them. By cons, if it is true for us, this is also true for all companies who claim otherwise.

Food contains a complex combination of phytonutrients as well as vitaminsmineralsessential fatty acids and fiber. The global scientific community thinks it is the interaction of these compounds that explains the many benefits they give us. To take advantage of the properties of phytoantioxidants they naturally contain and thus maintain good health, you should eat fruits and vegetables of every color every day and also other foods such as whole grains. One of the distinct advantages of Boreal Medicinal Canada products is that they are 100% natural and served in liquid form. Served in liquid form, they are not only better assimilated by our body but require lower dosages to be effective. Fortunately, more and more managers of Health natural products stores and pharmacies, naturopaths and other health professionals become vigilant and select quality products while informing their customers of the dangers of fake natural products.

We also believe that no synthetic food supplement can provide all the benefits of a healthy diet. They will never be equal to a natural mineral, a vitamin or a phytoantioxidant found in a plant, an alga, a fungus or a fruit extract as the ones found in our BMC Antioxidant Formula and in our BMC Urinary Formula. This is due firstly to the fact that foods contain a greater heterogeneity of phytoantioxidants and secondly that the synthetic antioxidants are less well absorbed by the human body.

Phytonutrients are known to be very powerful antioxidants and a diet rich in those substances is likely to prevent many serious illnesses. By visiting our site, we learn that the phytoantioxidants including polyphenols, the backbone of our medicinal products, are neither vitamins nor minerals. They are pigments which are responsible for the color of the food. They are found particularly in purple, blue (wild blueberry), red (cranberry), orange and yellow vegetables and fruits, in whole grains, in nuts and in legumes. They are also strongly present in garlic, onions, chives and leeks, but also in tea, coffee and finally in dark chocolate. It also noted that as is the case for all antioxidant, they do not all play the same role. Among the best known and most sought are the polyphenols which include anthocyanins/anthocyanidins and proanthocyanins/proanthocyanidins particularly concentrated in the small bays such wild blueberries and cranberries.

The global scientific community recognizes that the wild blueberry founded in anthocyanins/anthocyanidins interfere with cancerheart disease and brain diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer. They also improve the vision and help to protect from macular degeneration. It also recognizes that the very high concentration of proanthocyanin/proanthocyanidin found in the cranberry helps to avoid urinary tract diseases, especially recurrent cystitis. This is true for each phytonutrient and this is why our diet should be diversified and should consider the medicinal content of each food we consume.

Our website has the aim of course to promote and sell our products but it also wants to be a platform for scientific exchange. We try to share a relatively new science that considers the need of phytonutrients to maintain good health. Being relatively new, some scientific advances are not all unanimously acceptedand we try to unravel fact from fiction, possible from plausible and plausible from impossible. The case of using the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) as the basis to judge of the effective antioxidant capacity of a product is an example. To a scientist, the ORAC is an indicative value that taken alone does not mean much. There are many other analysis to be performed before you can decide on the efficacy of a product as the ability of the active molecules to reach the cells. You should also know what is the exact role on the body that have those active molecules? For example, the blueberry ORAC is between 35 and 50 and the one of clove is over 25,000. If the ORAC value as claimed by several natural health product manufacturers was that important, a clove a day would be enough to keep us healthy virtually forever. The only use of clove for therapeutic purposes is that of making dental analgesics. The ORAC was so misused by the industry that the USDA (Department of Agriculture of the United States) had to withdraw the list of values ​​of its website.

We also try to understand that not all antioxidants are created equal and that some of them as anthocyanins and proanthocyanins occupy a privileged place. We also learn that phytonutrients are not essential to life as can be vitamins and minerals, but they greatly help to protect against serious diseases and keep us healthy. We also try to popularize the most of the complex mechanisms names to make it all understandable for readers without a solid scientific background, the case of the vast majority of consumers of natural health products and also conventional drugs. For us, this is very important because many manufacturers tend, intentionally or because of their lack of scientific knowledge, to use those terms to give to their products some benefits or capabilities that simply do not exist.

If reading scientific articles that accompany the texts you do not agree with what is stated, please contact us. We will discuss this event and if you are right, we will make the necessary changes. Also, if you want to publish some blogs on our site, please send them to us. We will check the content and if your advanced reflect those of the global scientific community, it will be our pleasure to publish them.