Maple syrup, a super food that is full of antioxidants.


All sweeteners are not created equal.  The use of maple syrup instead of sugar or corn syrup makes the taste of our Phytonutrient Canada Urinary Formula nice but in addition, the phenolic compounds contained in this addition are very synergistic with the phenolic content of Cranberry (proanthocyanins ) and wild blueberry (anthocyanins).




Quebec maple syrupMaple syrup is a North America super food and is mainly found in the Province of Quebec, Eastern Canada.  The maple water (sap) is composed of water, sucrose, fructose and glucose, plus many very powerful phytonutrients. Researchers at the University of Rhode Islands led by Dr. Navindra Seeram discovered 54 components including several very beneficial antioxidants for health and acting in particular on the reduction of oxidative stress. Out of these 54 components, 5 had never been discovered. It was given the name quebecol (in honor of Quebec) in one of these very promising polyphenol.  Antioxidants having anti-cancer, anti-bacterial and also anti-diabetes potency were also identified. A study conducted by researchers from McGill University in 2015 has also shown that a concentrate of maple syrup makes bacterium more vulnerable to antibiotics and thus reduce the quantities to be administered. Maple sap and maple syrup also contain significant amounts of terpenes and especially abscisic acid. Abscisic acid stimulates the release of insulin from pancreatic cells and thus increases the sensitivity of adipose cells to insulin. Combined with the fact that the maple syrup provides an interesting contribution of manganese, riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, calcium and potassium, it has a huge edge over other additions common sweeteners like white sugar, brown sugar and corn syrup. In fact, just like blueberries and cranberries, maple syrup is part of the super foods found in the boreal forest.

Maple syrup is also recommended for athletes because it is a natural source of energy.  Its carbohydrates content easily metabolizes in glucose.  Glucose acts as fuel during exercise. Moreover, maple syrup contains manganese and zinc which are two mineral involved in muscle recovery.  Finally, it contains potassium helps balance bodily fluids involved in muscle contraction.  Consumed before a workout, it helps maintain energy levels. Ingested after the workout, maple syrup helps the body recover by renewing reserves of glycogen.

A can of maple syrup, until it is sealed and kept at a proper temperature, can be preserved for a very long period, or even for years.  Its Brix is ​​more or less 65.  The Brix degree is the weight in grams of dry matter contained in 100 grams of a solution in distilled water.


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